Auto/Mate Dealership Systems, a leading provider of comprehensive, low-cost dealership management systems for automotive dealers, announced today its Automotive Management Productivity Suite (AMPS) is now fully integrated with NADA Used Car Guide (NADA).  The new timesaving interface gives dealers online access to NADA’s online vehicle valuation tools.

 “Through our partnership with NADA, we can now provide dealers with an easy way to lookup values for used vehicles. This improves the selling process by reducing time and improving book-out accuracy.  Managers no longer have to carry the NADA book in their back pocket,” said Mike Esposito, CEO and president of Auto/Mate.

 The new integration allows dealers quick and easy access to NADA used vehicle values through Auto/Mate’s AMPS system. Once the vehicle has been entered into AMPS as part of a deal, NADA will determine the trade-in and retail values for that vehicle.

 “We take pride in offering the most accurate used-vehicle values on the market, and we’re very pleased to team with Auto/Mate Dealership Systems to deliver this vital information to dealers,” said Mike Stanton, vice president and chief operating officer, NADA Used Car Guide.   

AMPS is an easy-to-use comprehensive dealership management system with over 20 integrated modules to help dealers more efficiently and effectively manage their business.  It supports an unlimited number of users, workstations and printers, and can be implemented in any size dealership.  AMPS is available as both an in-house and ASP solution.

 About Auto/Mate

 Auto/Mate Dealership Systems was established 25 years ago with a simple goal: to provide an efficient and reasonably priced computer system to increase dealers’ profitability. Designed by former auto dealer executives, AMPS (Automotive Management Productivity Suite) by Auto/Mate offers more than 20 fully integrated modules to suit any size dealership and to address every need, including Sales, F&I, Fixed Operations, Accounting, CRM, Fleet Sales and more. Auto/Mate’s success has led to a continuous growth rate of more than 30% per year, with its system currently in use by more than 400 dealers. In three combined surveys conducted by NADA, Auto/Mate has ranked the highest in customer satisfaction over any other dealer system.

 AMPS by Auto/Mate Dealership Systems is powerful, scalable and has a unique, graphical interface that makes it familiar and easy to use. AMPS is an open system and will run on most computer hardware that a dealer has in place. When compared to other systems on the market, AMPS offers the most value per dollar, allowing dealerships to operate more efficiently and profitably. For more information, please visit


Originally posted on Auto Dealer Today