Based on the popular Promotion Center Certificate, Psychic Certificate offers car shoppers a custom-

designed coupon

Dealerskins, a division of Dominion Dealer Solutions and leader in innovative web services for automotive dealers, has released Psychic Certificate, a new feature in  Promotion Center.

This new tool automatically creates a certificate on the automotive dealership home page promoting the vehicle that the shopper last viewed. An image and title of the vehicle appear alongside the dealer’s offer.

This addition to the popular set of Promotion Center tools allows car dealers to more effectively target their customers using behavioral marketing technology, which follows Internet users’ activity. The custom-designed coupon generates leads for auto dealers by requesting that the shopper submit a simple form. The dealer is then alerted to the shopper’s interest.

Psychic Certificate was developed in response to Dealerskins research showing that the Certificates tool is the highest lead-generating platform within its slate of products. Because Certificates is a part of Promotion Center, Psychic Certificate is a free service to dealers who already utilize Dealerskins Promotion Center tools.

“Our customers have seen a lot of success from our Promotion Center tools, and we wanted to expand on that by creating a new feature that makes it even easier for dealers to cultivate leads,” said Jason Ezell, Dealerskins founder and national accounts manager. “Psychic Certificate is a unique feature for the automotive industry, and we look forward to seeing how it helps dealers streamline their online marketing processes.”

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