Vehicle Display System Inside Detroit’s MGM Grand Ball Room

American ingenuity and its entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well and lives in Central and Southeast Michigan, home to RAMPBOSS-USA, an innovative vehicle display platform manufacturer.

The latest iteration of this rather extraordinary product, the RAMPBOSS model V3, served Lexus over this past weekend as an awe-inspiring pedestal for their new $350,000 LF-A super car in the Grand Ball Room foyer of Detroit’s MGM Grand Hotel/Casino during a private party of 1600 who all celebrated the launch of the Detroit edition of 944 Magazine.  RAMPBOSS President Todd Stoney said he was more than excited to learn Lexus picked his system to elevate one of the world’s most exotic and rarest high-performance cars.

The all-new RAMPBOSS V3, manufactured in the central Michigan city of Perrinton, is much larger than the two previous models, and is capable of manually posing pickups or super-luxury vehicles weighing up to 12,000 lbs. and/or a 156-inch wheelbase into countless positions and locations.  All V3’s come standard with an Eternal Rustproof Guarantee (an industry first), gunmetal gray automotive paint finish, custom HD turnbuckles, aggressive tire traction surfaces, along with many subtle styling enhancements.  The V3 will retain the polished aluminum diamond plating and shape of its smaller siblings which result in an elegant two-tone look.

“This is the fourth time Lexus and RAMPBOSS partnered at special events over the past two years,” said Stoney, a Commerce Township, Michigan resident. “On our first date Lexus literally placed its new IS-F sports coupe at center stage of the Detroit Opera House which impressed over 2000 prospective clients at the fund-raiser gala.  A few weeks later, Lexus and RAMPBOSS reunited on the front porch of the world-renowned Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago for a Lexus sponsored ‘singles night’ inside the museum.  Several months later we teamed up again with a dozen students at Northwood University to help them draw attention to the super luxurious full-size LX 570 (SUV) at the University’s annual international auto show in Midland, Michigan”.

Lexus expects even more ‘oohs’ and “ahhs’ as their most expensive and sophisticated super car will receive “Best Of Show” treatment upon what is unquestionably the most versatile and attractive, fully functional “off-the-shelf” car display ramp technology in the world.  The patented RAMPBOSS system was designed specifically to give auto dealers presentation options they’ve never had before, and to evolve them away from rustic angle-iron ramps to a modern, portable, and fully adjustable alternative display system which actually bolsters brand image.  All models (V1, V2, & new V3) provide users a unique ability to manually-position vehicles into countless three-dimensional poses to sway attention and improve perceived value of featured vehicles.

“RAMPBOSS-USA is still quite small, but given the current economic conditions in Michigan, I believe our story is an encouraging example of this states’ potential for manufacturing future ground-breaking products.” he said. “We have a world-class product, a clear need in the market, and very happy clients across the USA, Canada, Eastern Australia, Malaysia, Norway, and England.  We trust the exposure our V3 will receive under a one of the sexiest sports cars I’ve ever seen, should not only capture some lime light for RAMPBOSS, but it exemplifies ideally our form, function, and the effectiveness of our system.

The automotive industry has been singing the praises of RAMPBOSS-USA 's ingenious approach to vehicle presentation.  In nearly four years RAMPBOSS-USA has garnered some rather impressive worldwide exposure.  For example, General Motors purchased two V1’s for use at Super Bowl XL in Detroit; Sports Illustrated utilized one at Super Bowl XLI in Miami to display a $100,000 Cadillac XLR-V at two day event in South Beach, Florida; RAMPBOSS was the vehicle display of choice at two unrelated NASCAR events; the first unit sold in North America today sits inside the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Ky., featuring a sapphire black Corvette ZR-1 Spyder that made its debut at the 1991 NAIAS; and two more standard equipped V1’s can be found under Formula 1 race cars perched inside the Canadian Motorsports Hall of Fame near Toronto, Canada.

RAMPBOSS has enjoyed much praise from customers over the past 4 years.  Stoney said, “We’re hopeful manufacturers and auto dealers will look closely at our uniquely functional display which has proven to be a suitable pedestal for some of the world’s most exotic and expensive vehicles - for surprising little money.”  Finally, RAMPBOSS displays were designed to allow auto retailers and manufacturers, event planners, auto show organizers, casinos, car auctions, automotive museums, exhibit design houses, etc., to get a bit more creative about how and where they might showcase vehicles both affectively and effectively.  Stoney said, “We remain hopeful that RAMPBOSS-USA can make a small yet important contribution to Michigan’s economic recovery, and expand into burgeoning car markets around the world.”