New Campaign is Targeted at Driving Credit-Challenged Consumers to Automobile Dealers in their Local


BarNone, Inc., the leading provider of special finance leads to the automotive industry, today announced the launch of their new, Per Lead National Television Advertising campaign.  The campaign is targeted at identifying credit-challenged consumers who need assistance in obtaining automobile financing and helping them connect them with qualified automobile dealers in their local market.

 “We are very excited with the launch of our new National TV campaign,” said Matt Murray, General Manager of BarNone.  “Consumers generated from television advertising have a much higher propensity to buy a car over traditional internet leads.  This increased quality ensures our dealer partners are talking to real customers who are in the market to buy rather than chasing down customers who may or may not need help.”

BarNone’s new TV advertising program is a turn-key program for automotive dealers.  BarNone buys the media, utilizes its popular “Sock Puppet” commercials and drives the calls into its US based call center where experience agents take an application.  Then, each applicant is instantly matched with a dealer in their local area and the agent either sets an appointment for the applicant to visit the dealership or they warm transfer the applicant directly the dealership during their business hours.  BarNone is then compensated for each applicant it drives.

"Launching our TV program on a cost per lead basis is a big win for auto dealers," said Matt Murray, General Manager of BarNone. "Historically, dealers have had to commit to a minimum monthly spend, as well as invest in their own commercials, in order to drive high-converting TV leads that have no guarantee on results.  Our new program takes on that risk from dealers and removes the barriers to entry for dealers to benefit from TV advertising.”

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About BarNone, Inc.
Founded in 1995, BarNone features a scalable platform that supports lead generation for automotive dealerships, as well as a 24-hour call center and Web based application capability. They offer a complete suite of advertising media solutions, including Internet leads, customized pre-screened direct mail, and national and local television advertising. BarNone's own CRM lead management solution and exclusive licensing opportunities are also available.