Online Auctions - Purchasing Inventory

While the group average in this category was virtually unchanged from last year, there were a couple of dramatic shifts in position. After a two-year absence in this category of the Dealers’ Choice Awards, ADESA triumphantly roared back to claim the Diamond Award for the first time ever and seems to have significantly improved its relationship with dealers.

“We listened to what dealers wanted—both at auction and online. Then, with an increased focus and commitment to serving the needs of dealers using, we set out to build confidence in our online offerings. We worked diligently to offer products such as standardized condition reports and post-sale inspections,” said Jason Fererri, vice president of e-business sales and operations for ADESA. “We were also careful not to forget the relationship piece of any online transaction. Dealers want to know they can call and talk to a real person if they have any issues while buying online.”

Manheim’s can now claim Triple Platinum status, keeping a steady hold on its position for the third year in a row and edging out GMAC SmartAuction by a mere tenth of a point. GMAC SmartAuction, in addition to being this year’s Gold Award winner, can claim the distinction of being the only company to win an award in this category every year.

Company Award Score
ADESA Diamond 106.4
Manheim ( Platinum 102.0
GMAC SmartAuction Gold 101.9
Group Average 101.6

Vol. 7, Issue 4