Overland Park, Kan. - NCM Associates, a leading provider of 20 Group services to automotive retail dealers and managers, announced the formation of two new 20 Groups for Volkswagen and Mazda dealers looking to tap into the benefits of peer collaboration and operations Benchmarking. Both groups’ organization meetings are being held in late October. As charter members, dealers who attend the organization meetings will define the groups’ operating structure, bylaws and meeting schedule.

NCM Associates is growing again. With the addition of David Markley as an NCM Executive Conference Moderator comes the formation of two new NCM 20 Groups. Markley will lead NCM’s second Volkswagen group in its inaugural organization meeting on October 21-22 in Chicago, with a “meet and greet” reception the evening of October 20. The following week, Markley will facilitate the organization meeting for a new Mazda dealer group on October 24-25 in Las Vegas. Likewise, the group will enjoy a pre-meeting reception the evening of October 23.

Open invitations have been extended to all U.S. Volkswagen and Mazda operators who are looking to take advantage of the benefits of joining a start-up NCM 20 Group. Those advantages include: developing the group’s bylaws and future member profile; determining the format of and agendas for future meetings, meeting locations and scheduling of future meetings; and, the certainty of membership, as once the organization meeting has been conducted, new members must be voted into the group.

“I am thrilled about the possibilities for these two new groups,” said Markley, who has led VW and Mazda 20 Groups for a combined total of 11 years. “The Volkswagen and Mazda brands are well positioned and growing,” he explained, “but if dealers aren’t operating as efficiently as possible and taking advantage of every profit opportunity, they won’t enjoy the level of success that being part of an NCM 20 Group can offer. If the dealers coming together in October are any indication, we’re sure to have two energetic and successful new groups.”

NCM Associates’ CEO and President, Paul A. Faletti, Jr., stressed the significance of the formation of the two new groups. “Since our earliest days, we’ve never stopped enhancing our proven NCM Benchmark® for Success process with innovative analytical tools, training programs and business-building resources that help our clients get more value from their 20 Group participation,” he said. “Dealers joining us today are assured of the quality and value that has been the tradition at NCM for over 63 years, and with industry leading Benchmarking tools, the power of peer collaboration, and fresh perspectives from our professional staff of auto industry veterans, they’ll have the resources they need to attain higher levels of profitability for their dealerships.”

NCM Associates is well known in the automotive industry for its 20 Group program, which it pioneered beginning in 1945 with a group of successful Ford dealers. This group, which evolved to become the original automotive 20 Group, hired a Kansas City management company to provide key management information on a monthly basis. By 1947, other automobile dealers noticed the success of the automotive 20 Group concept and began to inquire about applying it to their operations. Led by C. V. Nichols, Maynard Campbell and Bob Morrow, the company expanded its offering to the rest of the industry and the firm eventually became Nichols, Campbell and Morrow—the predecessor of today’s NCM® Associates.

About NCM Associates, Inc.
NCM Associates, Inc. is the originator of the automotive industry 20 Group peer collaboration process and has been providing dealership Benchmarking, Education and Consulting services to the industry since 1947. Located in Overland Park, Kan., NCM provides a robust suite of services designed to drive dealership profitability using its proven, operations-focused Benchmark® for Success program with new and pre-owned U.S. automotive dealerships, as well as with businesses in more than 20 other industries. For more information about NCM Associates, visit www.ncm20.com or call 800-756-2620.