Orlando, Florida— ActivEngage, the automotive industry's premium live chat with business intelligence for dealer websites, today announced the launch of a new mobile application that offers auto dealers advanced chat functionality on hand held devices.  The native mobile application gives automotive retailers full live chat capability, no matter where they are.  The new ActivEngage app now provides the most robust live chat mobile utility in the auto industry.     

Specifically designed for the needs of auto dealers, the mobile application was in strategic development for close to a year.  “We spent a great deal of time on the development of the live chat mobile app because we wanted to create an interface that is fast and easy to use, yet highly functional," commented Ted Rubin, ActivEngage co-founder and president.  "It is much more challenging and time intensive to develop new technology that is user friendly, and sometimes you have to change your whole line of thinking.  The technology behind the mobile app is highly complex, but the user interface is simple to learn and use."    

The new app has an intuitive interface that is extremely fast on both Wi-Fi and 3G networks, so the speed of service does not have to rely on the dealership's internal network.  Further, the ActivEngage live chat mobile app is currently available for both iPhone and Android, and will be available for Blackberry and iPad in July.  By leveraging the technology of these leading mobile device operating systems, the new live chat application also lets dealers view and manage multiple chats simultaneously. 

One of the app's most powerful features is the Advance View™, which lets dealers see what site visitors are typing in the chat window, as they type it, in real-time.  This allows chat reps to respond quickly and intelligently, because they can begin to formulate replies before consumers submit their questions.  A menu of predetermined responses is also available, enabling fast communication with phrases and answers that are frequently used. 

Visitor tracking data includes geographic location, keywords used to access the website, pages viewed and more, all visible within the mobile device, just as it is on the ActivEngage live chat computer console.  Chat transcripts, contact information and vehicle details can then be generated to the dealership's ILM or CRM, with no manual data re-entry.   

About ActivEngage (www.ActivEngage.com)
ActivEngage’s proprietary business intelligence helps automotive dealers meet the needs of shoppers by providing dealerships easy to use, powerful website tools.  Advanced live chat services let dealers identify, initiate interaction and communicate with website visitors in real-time.  The essential person-to-person Meet & Greet that dealers require at the physical showroom is now possible on the dealership website through ActivEngage.  This proactive website engagement decreases abandonment rates, and increases website lead generation with the thousands of visitors the average dealership receives each month.  ActivEngage provides the edge that dealerships need to engage more customers who browse for information because it starts building a personal relationship with shoppers from the moment they hit the website.  ActivEngage offers three tiers of service to ensure that all website visitors' experiences are enjoyable and uncomplicated, thereby increasing the value of dealership websites through better lead generation.