Facebook ad offering gives dealerships more control than ever before by targeting ads based on demographic information such as gender, location, age and interests.

Chicago, IL – SOCIALDEALER, a leading social media management company that helps automotive dealers create, manage and monitor their social activities through one centralized web platform, today introduced their Facebook Ad Management Program (A.M.P.) service. Facebook A.M.P. will give dealers the ability to target auto buyers at the top of the vehicle purchase funnel and directly engage with those buyers where they socialize online.

Facebook ads allow dealers to turn their advertising messages into a trusted referral source by including content from fans who are already affiliated with their products. As a result, the ads amplify a dealer’s social reach dramatically. Dealers will be able to select one of three Facebook A.M.P. packages, silver, gold or platinum, based on their individual needs. Each package will include:

  • Facebook ad design and scheduling. 
  • Sponsored Stories, a new Facebook offering that helps generate interest based on friends and follower’s “likes”.
  • Demographic targets, including: age, gender, likes, location, and brand preference.
  • A SOCIALDEALER Virtual Sales Marketing Manager (VSMM) to help monitor the campaign and maximize results.
  • Complete analytical reports on impressions and clicks on all ads.

“Facebook A.M.P. is unlike any other ad opportunity in that it is designed to reach out to a more highly-targeted group of customers than ever before. For instance, you can get as specific as only reaching those buyers who are interested in Chevy,” said Joe Castle, CEO of SOCIALDEALER. “And with the average online user having 130 friends, it’s easy to see how a dealership’s ad message can grow exponentially with the service.”

For more information on Facebook A.M.P. and how it can help dealerships create target-rich Facebook ads, visit www.socialdealer.com.

SOCIALDEALER is a social media management company that provides the industry’s only complete solution to help automotive dealers create, manage and monitor their social profiles, reputation and content, as well as engage with new and existing customers.  SOCIALDEALER offers expert assistance in the development and implementation of a dealers’ social media strategy.