TALLAHASSEE, Fla./PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- DealerTrack Registration and Titling Services Group, a leading provider of on-demand dealer management software and services, now offers an innovative solution to California automobile dealers in complying with a new state law. With the passage of Assembly Bill 1215 last year, beginning in July, all used vehicles offered for sale must have a vehicle history report pulled from the National Motor Vehicle Title and Information System (NMVTIS). DealerTrack has integrated the history reports into their Electronic Vehicle Registration (EVR) process which ensures compliance with the law and provides an efficient, cost-effective tool for automobile dealers.

Partnering with Florida-based Auto Data Direct, Inc., (ADD) a leader in providing real-time access to motor vehicle records, DealerTrack will offer ADD's new StiQR product to enhance the availability of vehicle histories to consumers. The StiQR, developed by ADD in 2011, uses QR code technology to deliver NMVTIS reports to consumers at the point of sale. An individually coded sticker, adhered to the vehicle's window, allows consumers to scan and instantly receive a current NMVTIS report using a free app on their smart phone.

"DealerTrack is always committed to helping dealers comply with state legislation, especially as it evolves," said Mark Furcolo, senior vice president, DealerTrack. "By partnering with ADD, we will provide California dealers with a unique solution that leverages ADD's StiQR technology with our OLRS not only to ensure all state requirements are met, but also to provide dealers with an efficient, cost-effective electronic tool for managing the vehicle registration and titling process."

"Auto Data Direct has spent the last 11 years developing internet based tools for the automotive industry that assists with compliance and efficiency for automobile dealers," said Jim Taylor, ADD's President. "When we developed the StiQR, our goal was to provide both dealers and consumers instant access to information that is vital when purchasing a used car. We're very pleased that this innovative product will be a valuable tool for California dealers as they meet the new requirement and benefit from the StiQR's marketing and lead generation capabilities."

The new California law requires that a NMVTIS report must be provided to consumers free of charge if requested, and that when a brand is found on a vehicle, a red warning label is placed on it alerting the consumer to the issue. The NMVTIS database is a U.S. Department of Justice information system operated by the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators that contains automobile information from states, insurance carriers and the salvage industry. As of March 2009 every business that handles junk, salvage or total loss vehicles must report specific pieces of information about those vehicles to the national database.

For more information on DealerTrack's services, visit their website at www.dealertrack.com . Additional information on Auto Data Direct's StiQR can be found at their website, www.add123.com .