HANOVER, Md. — Eyewitness Surveillance announced the launch of a beta program for three products designed specifically for dealerships.

Eyewitness says it listened to existing and prospective customers to guide the development of its products. The products Eyewitness created are called Sales Direct, Service Lane 2.0 and Finance Audit Service.

Sales Direct is a communication tool designed to keep customers and sales associates connected after store hours. The service allows customers to communicate through text message and email and the sales associate is able to reply in real time. Customer data is capture in the system's database and managers are able to track the timing and nature of after-hours sales through the system.

Service Lane 2.0 is a tool for capturing details on vehicles in service lanes in real time. Using this data, dealerships can address and dispute false damage claims. It uses HD, wide-angled cameras with low-light capability to tag each vehicle for search by VIN, time or tag. The information is available through mobile devices and stores all images in Eyewitness’s cloud server.

Finance Audit Service is designed to monitor finance transactions to ensure that compliance and quality standards are upheld. The service is offered in audio and video format and allows clients to review any flagged transactions noted by the Eyewitness team on a scheduled basis. All records are stored securely for compliance purposes or as dictated by client needs.

Based on input from the beta program, Eyewitness plans to roll out a full-scale program in the coming months.

“We have several clients participating in our beta program. Their input is essential as we make the necessary modifications for final delivery,” said R.T. Arnold, president of Eyewitness Surveillance.  “New products enable us to improve the customer experience and ultimately forge deep, long-lasting partnerships. We are looking forward to expanding our beta program to further bolster these relationships.”

Originally posted on F&I and Showroom