ORLANDO, Fla. — US Equity Advantage (USEA) has launched a new financial planning tool kit available for free to AutoPayPlus customers. According to the company, the new toolkit will assist customers who are looking to automate their bill payments, organize their finances, monitor their credit, and create a budget and savings plan for the future.

The new toolkit will be free for the first 12 months and include a TransUnion Full Credit Report twice a year along with credit monitoring by TransUnion. Customers will also receive monthly VantageScore 3.0 credit scores, Edmunds Service Recall Alerts for their enrolled vehicles, Kelley Blue Book Trade-In Value services integrated with enrolled vehicles, time-to-trade assistance from USEA, and further enhancements.

The company values the new offering at $20.95. While the service is not geared exclusively for millennial customers, USEA officials noted, a recent study by Fidelity Investments shows that the service could be of particular interest to the buying segment.

The study showed that millennials are set to become the nation’s largest generation of consumers. However, nearly 40% of millennials surveyed stated that they worry about their financial future at least once a week. The company has stated that this new service could help the demographic put their finances in order.  

“These new services increase the resources available to our AutoPayPlus customers to help them take greater control of their financial planning,” said CEO Robert Steenbergh. “These free tools will be especially useful to our millennial customers as they enter their peak working and spending years.”

Originally posted on F&I and Showroom