AUSTIN, Texas — On Monday, RoadVantage rolled out a new offering that combines GPS tracking with vehicle theft protection.

The RoadVantage GPS Anti-Theft System provides dealers and customers with vehicle location and speed in real time. It will also provide boundary, speeding and low battery alerts, according to the company. In the event of a theft, the system’s 24/7 support team will work directly with police to provide the vehicle’s location — enabling a quicker recovery time, the company adds.

“The RoadVantage GPS Anti-Theft System benefits both dealers and their customers,” said Garret Lacour, CEO of RoadVantage. “It provides dynamic inventory management for dealerships while opening up new profit opportunities. When sold with a vehicle, benefits are passed along to customers, who can then track their vehicles in real time. The boundary, speeding and low battery alerts are invaluable family safety features — not only for theft protection and recovery, but also for families with new drivers.”

Dealers can also use RoadVantage’s GPS system to keep track of their inventory. By using the system’s 24/7 vehicle location and boundary alerts features to create multi-lot geo fences, dealers can expect to reduce floorplan audit times dramatically, according to the company. The system also offers an online customer login that can be embedded in the dealer's website, strengthening customer retention.

“RoadVantage has been first to market with several F&I products, and we’ve worked hard to build a culture of innovation,” Lacour said. “With this latest announcement, RoadVantage has brought an integrated GPS solution to both dealers and consumers.”

Originally posted on F&I and Showroom