SAN CLEMENTE, Calif. — DealerSocket today announced an upgrade to its mobile CRM application that adds a mobile driver’s license scanner, push alerts for website visits and the ability to attach images and videos to outgoing emails within the mobile application.

“For years, DealerSocket has led the way in mobile innovation, from websites and online lead generation to mobile platforms for CRM and DMS. We are committed to giving buy-here, pay-here and independent dealers access to the latest flexible functionality, both in terms of customer experience and dealer usability,” said Peter Ord, national sales director at DealerSocket. “It’s truly needed in today’s marketplace because, according to our Independent Dealership Action Report, these shoppers are high-frequency users of mobile devices. Not to mention, we believe that increasing flexibility and convenience for dealership staff correlates with improved productivity and, therefore, results.”

The mobile CRM application's real-time push alerts are designed to provide customers with immediate access to the dealer’s entire inventory library when they open a dealership email. Prospective buyers can then use the VIN scanner to push trade information to third-party appraisal tools.

The company claims that because users of its application aren’t limited to recording customer information to the time they’re behind a desk, they see an uptick of data collected by at least 30%, which translates to more sales.

According to DealerSocket, it’s also nearing the third-quarter launch of iDMS, the debut product in its full-scale, integrated technology suite designed specifically for BHPH and independent dealers. Some of the key features of that software include a dynamic queueing process, stacked promise-to-pay functionality, BHPH decisioning, real-time accounting integration with QuickBooks and flexible general ledger account creating and mapping.

“We are thrilled to launch our new Independent platform to provide dealers with increased flexibility and streamline the use of DealerSocket products,” Ord said. “We will no longer be constrained by product line, so users can easily access all the tools they need to do their jobs, not by product but by role.”

Originally posted on F&I and Showroom