DAYTON, Ohio — The Reynolds and Reynolds Co. today announced the launch of the LAW Arkansas F&I Library, which was developed through a partnership between Reynolds Document Services and the Arkansas Automobile Dealers Association (AADA).

The LAW Arkansas F&I Library is a catalog of standardized, legally reviewed finance and insurance (F&I) documents for new-car dealerships in Arkansas.

"Dealers are facing the ongoing challenge of how to balance increased demands from legislators and regulators with increased expectations from consumers for a more rewarding experience with the dealership," said Jerry Kirwan, senior vice president and general manager of Reynolds Document Services. "The LAW Arkansas F&I Library is designed to deliver several results to dealers, from helping to reduce compliance risk to making the car-buying process more efficient. Improving efficiency, especially in the F&I office, also helps dealers deliver a smoother, more pleasing consumer experience."

Kirwan noted that because the documents in the LAW Arkansas F&I Library are regularly reviewed for compliance with the latest automotive regulations, they can help dealers reduce their litigation risk. Reynolds' industry-leading forms specialists led the review alongside Reynolds' outside legal partners and the AADA.

"The Arkansas Automobile Dealers Association is dedicated to protecting the business interests of Arkansas automobile dealers,” said Dennis Jungmeyer, president of the AADA. “We are happy to share the LAW Arkansas F&I Library with our members because it will help them maintain compliance and improve their customers' car-buying experience."

The printed documents in the LAW Arkansas F&I Library also are available in a digital format, which can help facilitate the conversion to laser-printed transactions or e-contracting. Reynolds Document Services maintains licensing agreements with all major providers of electronic F&I (e-F&I) solutions.

Originally posted on F&I and Showroom