VANCOUVER, Wash. — Marketing firm DealerSuccess launched a website conversion tool called ConversionBlaster. It's a plugin for dealer websites designed to target people for specific campaigns based on their geographical location and their proximity to predetermined geofences.

By using the plugin, the company stated, dealers can increase efficiency and ROI and start converting more of their website visitors into buying customers. The price for the service starts at $199, said Joe Orr, company president.

“After 25 years of dealership retail management, I know dealers simply don’t have the time to put the thought into this type of localized engagement on their websites, so we do it all for them. Dealers have never been able to make time-sensitive changes to websites ... until now," Orr said. "If they have a weekend event, now they can have the ConversionBlaster team put up cool interactive and irresistible messaging in as little at a couple hours. If they decide to have a weekend sales event or service offering, now they can instantly have every website visitor in the know."

The plugin enables dealers to instantly start a corporate benefits program as well, the company stated. Dealers can personalize messages for large businesses, ZIP codes, communities, and states. The plugin also plugs into Google Analytics so dealers can track all consumer actions.

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Originally posted on F&I and Showroom