TAMPA, Fla. — SurgeCurve, a new web-based customer engagement and marketing tool, launched Tuesday. With its release, company CEO Matt Rutkovitz announced that he’s seeking 12 additional retailers to experience how his new “Meet the Sales Team” online video tool maximizes sales conversions.

“SurgeCurve fills that sometimes awkward gap consumers enter when they flow from a smooth online experience to brick-and-mortar,” Rutkovitz said. “Now buyers walk in more comfortable with the sales process because they’ve already built comfort and trust with their associate of choice through pre-visit video and other social media interactions on SurgeCurve.”

The first step for sales associates using SurgeCurve is creating a profile. They then populate it with video profiles, feeds, reviews and call schedules, according to the company. Shoppers can then schedule phone calls with the sales associate they perfer to engage with at the store.

SurgeCurve also links sales associate data to Facebook and other popular social media sites. Shoppers and their sales associate can then share posts across their networks. Managers, however, retain posting and editing control, according to the company.

“We are in the people business, and people buy from people they like. SurgeCurve is the human touch that reduces the friction in a process that’s unpredictable for most shoppers,” Rutkovitz noted.

Originally posted on F&I and Showroom