HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — Consumers shopping on KosLo's online vehicle marketplace will now be able to calculate vehicle payments and apply for financing directly through the company's website, the company announced this week. Powering these new capabilities is Dealertrack’s Digital Retailing solutions. 

This integration, the company adds, will allow online shoppers to remain on KosLo's website through a larger portion of the vehicle-purchasing process. 

“Dealertrack’s goal is to make the car-buying process simpler, more transparent and more efficient for both the dealer and car shopper,” said Lori Wittman, Dealertrack’s senior vice president of F&I and CRM solutions. “By implementing our Digital Retailing solutions into KosLo’s services, we are confident that Dealertrack will help enhance the auto shopping experience by creating more sales opportunities and helping consumers find what they are looking for in a vehicle.” 

As part of the integration, KosLo's website will now feature Dealertrack’s first-pencil monthly payment calculator, a tool that provides flexible and realistic payment options.It will also feature Dealertrack's online credit application to give KosLo users the ability to apply for financing.  

“We are excited to offer these services to our dealership partners,” said Devin Koskan, founder and CEO of KosLo. "Our system was designed to help dealers reduce the need for large marketing campaigns, while helping consumers find their ideal car at the ideal price. This partnership bolsters our ability to help dealerships by connecting them with consumers, while saving both the dealership and the consumer time and money." 

The integration is available through KosLo’s website to dealerships registered with Koslo at no additional cost to them. For more information, click here

Originally posted on F&I and Showroom