LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. — The car segment retained its wholesale value well last week, as the wholesale value of 2008-2014 model-year cars by 0.68% last week. This was in line with the 0.67% decline the segment has experience over the past six weeks, according to Black Book’s Market Insights report.

The best performer during the week of Sept. 16 was the subcompact car, which realized a 0.11% drop in wholesale value compared to the week prior. Three other vehicle types in the segment, premium sporty car, mid-size car and compact car, however, were also well below the volume-weighted average wholesale depreciation rate of 0.68%.

Prestige luxury cars, near luxury cars and full-size luxury cars, however, did not fair so well, posting depreciation rates of 1.26%, 1.07% and 0.94%, respectively.

“Overall depreciation rates for both cars and trucks remained consistent with the trends seen in the previous six weeks. Depreciation on subcompact cars slowed last week after steeper declines earlier,” said Anil Goyal, senior vice president of Automotive Valuations and Analytics.

The truck segment recorded an overall, volume-weighted average depreciation rate of 0.39% during the same time frame, slightly lower than the 0.44% decline the segment has experienced over the last six week. Subcompact luxury crossovers, full-size vans and full-size pickups were some of the segments best performers, with depreciation rates clocking in at 0.11%, 0.17% and 0.19%, respectively.

The vehicle type that experienced the biggest decline in wholesale value in the truck segment was the compact van, which saw its wholesale value drop by 1.20% during the week of Sept. 16.

Originally posted on F&I and Showroom