CHICAGO — This week, DRIVIN, a data-driven service that helps dealers sell, source, acquire, and deliver used vehicles, announced the launch of the DRIVIN Marketplace.  

Through this marketplace, dealers can list and remarket unwanted invenstory at wholesale prices to their established network of dealers. The service will then match and recommend the listed inventory to more than 1,000 open vehicle searches from dealers across the country, according to the company.

Payments, paperwork and transportation of the vehicle to the buying dealer will all be handled by DRIVIN, the company added.

"Our Marketplace is a smart addition to the DRIVIN experience," said John Manganaro, vice president of product and analytics. "Our goal is to help dealer partners confidently sell, search and buy the right inventory to build their optimal lot in one seamless platform. This is an unprecedented opportunity to bring data science and innovation to an antiquated process, and help dealers increase profitability across the lot."

DRIVIN is able to do this, the company noted, by pre-loading a dealer’s inventory into its marketplace. Since the vehicles are preloaded, all a dealer needs to do is select the units to sell, answer a few condition questions and provide a wholesale price. 

"We are excited to bring Marketplace to our dealer partners," said Lisa Killeen, vice president of Marketplace. "Feedback from our exclusive pilot group was extremely positive, and we are confident the platform will allow us to strengthen current partnerships and provide the opportunity for us to grow our dealer base.

"DRIVIN Marketplace is the next step of the evolution — helping dealers sell the inventory that isn't resonating with their target shopper and replace it with units that better fit their needs." 

Originally posted on F&I and Showroom