FORT WORTH, TEXAS  — Guidepoint Systems, a developer of GPS-based vehicle tracking and safety solutions, announced a new platform designed to help dealerships monitor the location and condition of loaner vehicles.

The Guidepoint Loaner Vehicle Program leverages the company's extensive hardware and software framework. Officials said the offering will help dealerships reduce the costs associated with the excessive use, repairs and maintenance of dealership loaner fleets.

“It is a big problem with dealerships,” said Tom Gafford, chief technology officer at Guidepoint Systems. "Loaner cars go out but don’t come back when expected, and the dealer is in the dark about where the vehicle is and if it’s being misused or driven excessively. This lowers the value when the car is finally sold, and in the meantime increases maintenance costs. We developed the Guidepoint Loaner Vehicle Program to give control back to the dealership.”

When a dealership enlists in the platform, each of its specified loaner vehicles are equipped with Guidepoint’s GPS-based tracking module. These vehicles can then be monitored through a smartphone, PC or tablet using the company’s Dealer Management Tool. Each vehicle shows up on a live map, which displays location, speed and direction, according to the company.

The platform also sends notifications if a vehicle’s battery is low or if it is driven outside the range of a specified area. Once a vehicle is sold, the company added, the system then converts to a consumer-centric package in which owners receive 24-hour emergency response, theft recovery protection and roadside assistance with a Guidepoint subscription.

Originally posted on F&I and Showroom