OLATHE, Kan. — LotPop, a virtual dealership management team for franchised new-car and independent used-car dealerships, has announced the release of LotScore, a weekly report of a dealer’s top inventory, market, and pricing indicators.

According to the company, the weekly report will score a dealer’s inventory in four key areas: status, marketing, inventory stocking, and inventory return on investment. The end goal, the company added, is to help drive more used car sales at higher margins.

“Dealers using inventory management systems have access to so much data the information confuses decision making. Instead, LotScore distills that data and, along with analyzing third-party website data, presents managers with 23 essential and actionable inventory performance metrics,” said Jasen Rice, LotPop founder and CEO.

LotScore is available as part of LotPop’s virtual inventory management service for physical and online inventory management success. It is also available to dealers using LotPop’s full services and as a separate service for dealers who manage their own inventory, according to the company.

Originally posted on F&I and Showroom