TORRANCE, Calif. —  Over the course of several weeks, a group of thieves stole more than 40 cars from an overflow lot used by a Nissan-Infiniti dealership there. About 15 people have been arrested and nearly 30 vehicles have been recovered, according to KTLA 5 News.

According to the news site, vehicles parked at an off-site lot used by the dealerships began disappearing around eight weeks ago. The general manager of the Nissan-Infiniti dealerships said the thieves started out stealing a car or two a night. As time went on, he added, that number increased.

According to the Lt. Robert Watt of the Torrance Police Department, the thieves were using the unregistered car to commit other crimes or stripping the vehicles down for various parts.

According to the report, the dealership has since hired armed security and installed tracking devices in each car.

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Originally posted on F&I and Showroom