AUSTIN, TEXAS — KosLo, an online vehicle deal generation company, has enhanced its site with NADAguides data — including year, make and model data — to further enhance the customized car-buying experience it offers consumers, the firm announced this week.

“With the integration of NADAguides data into our system, we know we will be able to make the car buying process better for both the dealership and consumer," the company stated in its press release. "Our NADAguides partnership as well as our recent Dealertrack partnership should tell the industry that KosLo is here to revolutionize the car buying experience by putting the dealership first so the customer can have the best experience possible.”

This new integrated NADAguides data will provide a number of benefits for car buyers who have a specific vehicle in mind. With the inclusion of the NADAguides data, consumers who search for a specific vehicle will be able to use KosLo’s website to preview the manufacturer’s stock image of the exact make, model and trim level for the vehicle that they’re looking to build.  

Once consumers land on their ideal car, they can include the maximum mileage they’re willing to accept, and whether they want to buy or lease the vehicle. The KosLo system then uses the data that consumers enter to funnel the serious buyers to the dealership and expedite the car-buying process.

“KosLo has incorporated NADAguides to ensure that customers get exactly what they want out of their purchase. In response, dealers can submit photos, condition reports and the VIN number of the vehicle being offered to show customers the history of the car in its entirety before the customer selects their deal. If a customer does not select the dealer’s car, the dealership is not charged,” the company’s statement read.  

Once a deal is approved between a consumer and dealership, the consumer can begin his or her credit application through the integrated KosLo Dealertrack interface, further expediting the financing process straight to the dealer’s finance desk, the company stated. 

Originally posted on F&I and Showroom