SAN FRANCISCO — Ecommerce solution provider Roadster today announced the rollout of Vehicle Recommender, a new tool designed to help salespeople move more cars by identifying a customer’s needs and delivering vehicle recommendations against them.

Available as a new feature of Roadster’s Express Storefront iPad app, the company’s Vehicle Recommender prompts sales staff to quickly and efficiently get to the heart of what is important to a customer — streamlining the sales process and making test drive recommendations that stick.

“Customer satisfaction scores for dealers who are currently using the program are through the roof,” said Andy Moss, CEO of Roadster.  “The average NPS score of a dealership is 48, but with our program, dealers are averaging scores of 85 and above, which rivals that of beloved brands like USAA, Tesla and Apple.”

Rather than relying on a salesperson’s knowledge of every model available on the lot, the tool breaks the sales process down into a few key steps that happen prior to finding a specific VIN and pricing. Steps include introducing the dealership and describing the benefits of working with the dealership; capturing a customer’s information; running a soft credit pull upfront; and helping salespeople provide insightful recommendations around which trims, package options and service plans a consumer should consider based on his or her budget and lifestyle needs.

Roadster’s solution also helps salespeople gain more favor with consumers by providing an extra layer of flexibility when finalizing the transaction. Because the Vehicle Recommender is part of the company’s Express Storefront app, salespeople can access the app’s Express Checkout to finalize the transaction from their iPad in just a few clicks. They can also use the app to share all of the details of the transaction with their customer via email and text, allowing them to finish from home if they desire. 

“By cutting to the heart of what matters to consumers, our Vehicle Recommender tool will help salespeople shave hours off of a typical transaction,” said Rudi Thun, COO of Roadster. “Direct feedback from salespeople is that Express Storefront has already saved them 3-6 hours per customer.”

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Originally posted on F&I and Showroom