MISSION, Kan. — Sales training expert and New York Times bestselling author Grant Cardone has endorsed VinSolutions’ automotive CRM, publicly declaring Connect the automotive industry’s most effective CRM solution.

Cardone has built a long career helping salespeople across many industries find overlooked opportunities and customize the sales process to achieve better results. Throughout his 30-plus years of automotive sales experience and training, he has developed insider knowledge of countless dealership software solutions, but he had never endorsed one until Connect CRM.

“I’ve been in the automotive industry for decades and I’ve never endorsed a specific product because I know things always change, and change usually comes quickly. That said, I’ve never been more impressed with a CRM, I’ve never had more long-term confidence in one, and I’ve never had one that I was completely satisfied with until now. This is literally my first endorsement in over 30 years, but it is deserved,” Cardone stated in the company’s press release.

VinSolutions’ Connect CRM is designed by and for automotive dealers. It features an intuitive design and unique ability to manage lead flow across dealership websites, sales and service departments. And because Connect CRM integrates with the full Connect product suite — from Marketing to Desking and beyond — dealers can use Connect CRM to manage personnel and maximize lead proficiency across all departments.

“Our No. 1 goal while developing Connect was to create a CRM that helps dealers build better customer connections,” said Dan Moore, senior director of marketing at VinSolutions. “Being endorsed by a sales expert as well respected as Grant Cardone is a great affirmation that our solution is delivering real value to our customers.”

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Originally posted on F&I and Showroom