INDIANAPOLIS — Decluttering dealership websites and focusing on targeted messaging and “personalized” calls to action (CTA) can significantly increase click-through rates, lead data collection and, ultimately, dealership profits, according to consumer website data analyzed by PERQ.

PERQ analysts released the information in conjunction with the launch of the company’s Auto Website Conversion Course, a series of online best practices tutorials designed to help dealers clean up their websites and create more effective conversion paths. 

“Most dealership websites are jammed with a cacophony of offers, messages and static lead forms that, more often than not, lack relevance to the visitor. It’s the equivalent of walking into a dealership and having multiple salespeople yelling offers and information at you all at once without bothering to ask what your name is, if you’re ready to buy or if you want a new or used vehicle,” said Russ Chandler, the company’s product marketing manager. “It’s no wonder the average dealership website converts less than 3% of their traffic.” 

Most dealership websites simultaneously display a potpourri of offers and actions — from ‘Get the ePrice” static lead forms to incentive offers — creating a cluttered look and unfocused consumer experience, Chandler said. According to PERQ data, dealers who declutter their websites by offering a streamlined and interactive experience see a 42% increase in CTRs, 15% profit lift and a fivefold increase in the amount of data collected on sales leads.

For example, if a consumer has already received a quote for his or her trade-in vehicle, it is a waste of digital real estate and consumer attention span to display more CTAs asking them to value his or her vehicle trade. However, this is how the majority of websites behave. A declutter strategy, on the other hand, uses calls to action to move customers down the conversion funnel and streamline the site. 

“Basic declutter tactics seem obvious, yet we see websites that are stuck in the clutter rut every day,” Chandler said.  “A declutter strategy also offers opportunities for your dealership to gather data that will help provide a more informed sales interaction.”

Originally posted on F&I and Showroom