WILKES-BARRE, Pa. — F&I products provider GWC Warranty has released the fifth video in its award-winning “Behind the Wheel” dealer story series.

The latest release features Safeen Motors, an independent dealership in Garland, Texas, owned and operated by two former Iraqi refugees, Mahir Tovi and Moss Yousif. The story of Safeen Motors is an inspiring tale of the American dream as told by two motivated business owners who use their memories of time spent in refugee camps and their appreciation for their opportunities in America as motivation to never take any customer for granted.

“‘Behind the Wheel’ continues to uncover and document impactful stories of dealers and their unique paths to success,” said GWC CEO and President Rob Glander. “The story of Safeen Motors is especially inspiring given the fact that these two owners persevered through unspeakable circumstances to today run a thriving used-car dealership.”

The series, which earned a 2015 Automotive Communication Award, was designed to pull back the curtain to unveil the people and communities that make dealers successful. Each dealership’s story also delves into their partnership with GWC Warranty.

To view the story of Safeen Motors, as well as past “Behind the Wheel” videos, click here.

Originally posted on F&I and Showroom