LAKEWOOD, Colo. — Rod Heasley, president of consulting firm KISS Concepts Group, has joined F&I product provider American Auto Shield. The two companies have joined forces with the intent of launching a new vehicle service contract (VSC) program that gives consumers the ability to choose their own terms, coverage, mileage and even price.

According to officials with both companies, the new program will also offer unique benefits to dealers.

“As an administrator of vehicle service contract programs for 15 years, American Auto Shield has built a stellar reputation for their professionalism, integrity and deep knowledge base,” said Heasley, founder of KISS Concepts Group. “I’m proud to join their team, leading the charge to bring a revolutionary program to our industry that puts consumers back in the driver’s seat. This approach will ultimately translate to greater success for every dealer we work with, as special new benefits have been developed specifically for them.”

In his new role at American Auto Shield, Heasley will serve as president of a division dedicated to the new customizable VSC program. He will also maintain and expand KISS Concepts Group partnerships. The company, according to Heasley will continue to sell aftermarket programs to auto dealerships across the country.

As for American Auto Shield, which has focused exclusively on direct-to-consumer opportunities, the addition of Heasley marks the company’s entrance into the dealer arena.

“We’re excited to open up our services to the auto dealer world,” said Ted Terry, president of American Auto Shield. “With Rod now on board, we look forward to tapping his nearly 40 years of experience in dealership sales and operations — along with his established agent base and audience of new and used auto dealers seeking high-value products to offer their customers.”

The companies’ vehicle service contract program is currently being piloted in six states and is scheduled to go live next month, officials said. To learn more, click here.

Originally posted on F&I and Showroom