FORT WAYNE, Ind. — VisionMenu has introduced F&I by Design, a new solution designed to allow dealers to build their own sales presentation upon a paperless process.

A “remote-control” tool within VisionMenu’s vSignature module can display sales tools, multimedia presentations, menus, disclosures, product forms, laser forms and more. F&I by Design presentations can be facilitated via the mobile device of the user’s choice or remotely, with a “one-click” connection to their customer’s mobile phone, according to the company.

VisionMenu’s electronic platform allows for erating, econtracting, and esigning. Provider rates are electronically retrieved simultaneously, econtracted direct to the provider’s portal, and then esigned through the vSignature module. This patent-pending technology was designed to allow any PDF to be signed by the customer as the F&I manager points and clicks to direct them through the signing process.

VisionMenu has a certified interface with Reynolds and Reynolds, CDK, Dealertrack, Dealerbuilt, Automate and Autosoft for both VisionMenu and VisionReport products, in addition to the roughly 80 direct integrations with product providers claimed by the company.

Originally posted on F&I and Showroom