PLEASANTON, Calif. — Business analytics solutions provider Dashboard Dealership Enterprises today announced the availability of Executive Eye 3.0, the latest version of the firm’s business analytics suite. It features a completely redesigned graphic user interface (GUI) and advanced predictive budgeting and forecasting tools, according to officials.

Built on a highly intuitive, modern web platform utilizing the latest in software development technology, Executive Eye 3.0 offers speed and security and allows new features and updates to be added quickly. The first thing users will notice is the platform’s new GUI, which features new color themes, more white space, better organization, and a variety of graphic display options that allow dealers to reach meaningful conclusions quickly, according to company officials.

"Reporting has always been clunky, time consuming; often, it’s difficult for dealers to understand how numbers translate into actionable data," said Josh Blick, CEO of Dashboard Dealership Enterprises. "Executive Eye 3.0 is a groundbreaking tool that completely changes the paradigm of how a business analytic reporting tool can be used. Instead of spending time compiling reports, managers instantly have actionable data at their fingertips."

The reporting tool’s user interface was designed with input from Dashboard's Dealer clients. In beta testing, the Executive Eye 3.0 demonstrated a 30% increase in dealership usage compared to average usage of 2.0, according to officials. Additionally, a more efficient design requires 40% fewer clicks to drill down on data.

Executive Eye 3.0 is mobile-friendly across all platforms, including all commonly used operating systems, internet browsers, computers, phones and tablets. No mobile application is needed to view the software and reports on a mobile device. Dealership employees that use tablets can use touchscreens to access menus and perform other functions.

Additionally, Executive Eye 3.0’s enhanced predictive budgeting and forecasting tools allow dealers to view metrics and, assuming no unforeseen changes, know with a high degree of accuracy how the month will end. According to Blick, Dashboard Dealership Enterprise is unique because it approaches forecasting from both a revenue and expense standpoint at the enterprise and dealership level.

"Most reporting applications are very revenue focused, because historically that's how dealers have generated more profit," said Blick. "However, profitability is also achieved by controlling expenses and identifying areas where there is wasteful spending."

Executive Eye 3.0 makes it easy for auto dealers to assess the financial health of one store or an entire group. Dealers can view key performance indicators (KPIs) from all their stores in a side-by-side view, allowing for easy performance comparison and identification of stores that need attention. Additionally, a "Consolidated Doc" report allows dealers to instantly consolidate Docs from individual stores into a single Doc report for an entire group of stores.

Additionally, an advanced messaging tool built into Executive Eye 3.0 enables users to communicate directly with Dashboard's customer support as well as with other users. This was designed so that users can assign tasks, write notes to each other and improve workflow. Reports, alerts and comments can be shared without the need to export data or compose emails outside of the messaging tool.

Originally posted on F&I and Showroom