DALLAS — Pearl Technology Holdings LLC today announced that its ShowroomXpress platform  (SRX) has released a dynamic website widget that calculates and displays six different payments to vehicle shoppers in under 3 seconds.

According to the company, the new widget calculates payment to the dollar for both purchase and lease transactions and with built-in dealer finance mark-up. Payment calculations performed by SRX also include the customer’s trade-in value, sales tax, doc fees, F&I packages and OEM incentives.

“We believe our new dynamic widget will help dealers usher in a new era of auto retailing,” said Bruce Thompson, CEO and founder of Pearl Technology Holdings. “With a few lines of code, a dealer can immediately empower his website with real payments, allowing customers to desk their own transactions and pick their ideal payments and protection packages. The transaction terms can be saved and sent to dealership CRM tools, so it’s a seamless process to pick up the consumer record and finalize the transaction.”

Pearl’s SRX is an on-demand automotive retail platform that lets consumers take on the various elements of a vehicle purchase/trade-in process in their own way and at their own pace. The SRX widget operates within the search results page and vehicle details page levels of a dealer’s website and provides complete deal transparency for a consumer for any vehicle in a dealer’s inventory.

The addition of the widget to Pearl’s ShowroomXpress also transforms a dealership’s physical showroom into an express retail environment for walk-in customers, allowing salespeople to display real payments on every unit in inventory within seconds. The widget’s calculation engine is powered by a very robust desking tool that integrates with all U.S. auto lenders. 

“We believe consumers are looking for a much more transparent and efficient car-buying process and therefore created a tool that is easily installed on a website. It also has CRM integrations and very little training is necessary,” said Thompson. “Our dynamic widget is much more advanced than anything we see in the industry today.”


Originally posted on F&I and Showroom