RICHARDSON, Texas — Accelerated Service International (ASI) announced the launch of Care Free VSC, a new service contract offering designed to meet customer expectations and drive revenue and retention for agents and dealers.

Care Free VSC joins ASI’s lineup of Smart Autocare products and offers terms ranging from 24 months to 60 months from date of sale, all with unlimited miles. The product can be applied to any vehicle up to two model-years old with less than 18,000 miles on the odometer. Every contract sold includes a “disappearing deductible” of $100 for repair work completed outside the selling dealer’s facility.

Each Care Free VSC is bundled with a maintenance component designed to cover brake pads and rotors, battery, wiper blades, wheel alignment, diagnostics and fluids, as well as shop supplies — a cost that is not covered by most service contracts. Available in some states, a “Plus” version of the VSC adds oil changes every 5,000 miles (or the manufacturer-recommended interval), tire rotation every 12,000 miles, up to $50 a day in rental reimbursement, trip interruption, and a road club benefit, which includes coverage for lockout, towing, tire, battery and more.

ASI’s senior vice president of sales and marketing, Michael Moretz, described Care Free VSC as a “targeted” service contract offering, designed to pick up where the factory warranty leaves off and help dealers retain more service customers from new-car sales.

“Most service contract products are less consumer-driven and more focused on long-term profits,” Moretz said. “With Care Free VSC, the dealer may opt for higher gross profit, higher retention or higher penetration rates for the F&I manager.”

Originally posted on F&I and Showroom