NEW YORK — CU Direct, a lending technology and automotive solutions provider for credit unions, announced that Inventory Command Center (ICC) is now its exclusive vehicle inventory management partner. 

ICC software is now integrated into the CU Direct platform, helping to facilitate near real-time display of more than 2.5 million new and used vehicle listings on CU Direct’s AutoSMART automobile shopping and buying site. There are 900 credit unions and 12,700 auto dealerships nationwide participating on the AutoSMART platform.

ICC’s Command Center is a software-as-a-service offering that enables its enterprise partners to more easily manage vehicle inventory from their dealer partners. The Command Center brings together different data sets to create inventory records that are normalized and then accessible through an API.  This allows ICC partners to make custom changes with very little effort.

“We are happy to be partnering with ICC to help manage the ever-growing dealer vehicle inventory on our AutoSMART website,” said Phil DuPree, CU Direct’s chief strategy officer of automotive solutions.  “With Inventory Command Center powering our inventory, we offer more complete and accurate vehicle information, allowing us to create a more member-friendly experience through our AutoSMART website, and, as a result, help drive more opportunities for our credit union and dealer partners.“

Inventory Command Center enables CU Direct’s AutoSMART website to better present the true value of a vehicle. This in turn keeps consumers engaged longer and increases conversion, according to officials. Additionally, the structured nature of ICC data provides the AutoSMART team with a unique ability to enhance how data is presented and searched. Priority options and specific features are now facets from which consumers can narrow their vehicle search.

“The Command Center was uniquely designed to reduce the need for custom development. Instead, it puts the ability to manage and update inventory in the hands of front-line support personnel,” said Inventory Command Center Kenny DellaPorta. “Our goal is to help clients take more control of their own data needs.  The Command Center’s easy-to-use interface bridges our partner’s desire for greater flexibility with an almost real-time ability to change how information is presented – regardless of how the original data source may have been received.”

Originally posted on F&I and Showroom