ATLANTA — Driven by increased client use of digital and mobile platforms, Manheim achieved unprecedented growth of its offsite channels in 2017 and expects this trend to accelerate in 2018. The company observed transactions and volume growth last year as wholesale vehicle buyers and sellers migrated to a more productive and cost-effective way to move inventory.

Highlight of Manheim’s report include:

  • Forty percent of vehicles sold at Manheim were purchased via digital screen rather than in-lane.
  • Two million vehicles were purchased via digital transactions.
  • Pure digital platforms —, OVE and RMS — saw 15% growth; 630,000 vehicles were sold through digital and mobile platforms.
  • Offsite transactions, those happening outside of a physical auction, increased 30%.
  • More than half of Manheim’s physical auction attendance occurred via Simulcast, reflecting 10% of annual sales growth.

“Our goal is to enable clients to conduct transactions in the office, on the lot or on the go — helping them operate their business in the way that best suits their needs,” said Derek Hansen, Manheim’s vice president of offsite solutions. “Using Manheim’s digital and mobile channels, we deliver efficiency, cost savings and convenience for dealers buying and selling used vehicles.”

The company plans further digital innovation in 2018, including the creation of an “omnichannel” experience, expanded use of Manheim’s digital event app for inventory on OVE, and additional improvements to its assurance portfolio.

 “We understand how important trust is in this business and Manheim stands behind transactions,” Hansen said. “Our company will continue to instill buyer confidence, offering technology and tools that enable clients to take advantage of our digital and mobile channels with peace of mind.”

Originally posted on F&I and Showroom