WAYNE, Pa. — F&I technology provider MaximTrak Technologies, a RouteOne company, today announced the release of FLITE ENGAGE, a digital retailing platform built on the company’s FLITE suite of showroom tools.

FLITE ENGAGE, which can be embedded into OEM, dealer and third-party websites, is designed to connect consumers with a dealership’s F&I department earlier in the buying cycle. It delivers an omnichannel experience in that it can be used by dealership personnel in the showroom or by consumers on their mobile device.

“We offer FLITE ENGAGE to our partners that wish to redefine the consumer buying experience and create a seamless transition from the online world to the showroom world, especially in F&I,” said Jim Maxim Jr., president of MaximTrak and chief digital officer for RouteOne.

FLITE ENGAGE can seamlessly transfer car shoppers from an OEM or third-party site to a dealer’s website, where they can calculate payment options, apply for financing through RouteOne’s online credit application and data integrations, add accessories and F&I products to their deal, and submit the entire deal to the dealership.

The platform allows for custom and modular workflows. It also features a decisioning engine, which leverages data and artificial intelligence. FLITE Engage also features Smart Survey, a predictive analytics tool designed to recommend an F&I product package tailored to a customer’s needs based on vehicle choice, deal information, driving habits, and multiple data points.

“FLITE ENGAGE leverages everything we’ve learned about car buyers to reach them where they are to usher them through an exceptional experience and allowing for a robust, customer-directed presentation of the value of F&I protections,” Maxim said. “With FLITE ENGAGE, the next evolution of FLITE, MaximTrak again redefines the F&I transaction.”

Originally posted on F&I and Showroom