ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Southwest Reinsure Inc. (div. iA Financial Group), better known as SouthwestRe, announced it has signed an agreement with Reahard & Associates to offer F&I training and compliance certification for its agent partners and F&I manager clients.

Reahard & Associates’ “Achieving F&I Excellence!” management certification program is designed to provide F&I managers with the consultative selling skills necessary to maximize every profit opportunity in the F&I office, as well as enhance the customer’s F&I experience. Ron Reahard, president of Reahard & Associates and a regular contributor to F&I and Showroom and Auto Dealer Today, is currently expected to conduct each training session himself, with the assistance of other F&I training experts on his team.

The intensive “Achieving F&I Excellence!” three-day training program will be conducted in an actual classroom setting in order to maximize the learning experience. As part of Reahard & Associates’ agreement with SouthwestRe, select training classes will also include a compliance certification component, which will extend the time required to complete the course to 3½ days, all according to the announcement.

“Without doubt, Ron and his team are the finest F&I trainers in our entire Industry,” said Eddie Eckert, president of SouthwestRe. “All of us at SouthwestRe are very pleased to be able to offer our agents and F&I managers this groundbreaking and highly effective F&I training program by Reahard & Associates.”

“The ultimate goal of Achieving F&I Excellence! is to create a desire within every attendee to serve customers at such a high level that every consumer is genuinely delighted with their sales and F&I experience,” Reahard added. “We know this will be the best F&I training any finance and insurance manager will ever experience.”

Originally posted on F&I and Showroom