<p><strong>The production of a trap-style Spanish-language music video is paying dividends for Headquarter Toyota of Miami, which scored a record month for internet sales following its release. </strong><em>Photo courtesy Headquarter Toyota via YouTube</em></p>

MIAMI — Headquarter Toyota, a top 1% Toyota dealer in the nation, is capturing the attention of local car buyers, particularly millennials, with the release of “Precios Bajos” (“low prices”), a catchy “trap” song, written and performed by social media influencers Los Pichy Boys, in conjunction with Headquarter Toyota’s well-known mascot: Lazaro el Lechon.

Executives said their effort proves that with clever marketing, the hard-to-reach millennial generation is not only responsive, but also willing to share such content — ultimately intensifying the power of the campaign. Headquarter Toyota also posted its best month for sales since November 2016 — a 15-month high.

Headquarter Toyota sold 708 cars in March, 26% more units than the previous month, while the “Precios Bajos” music video reached more than 100,000 views within the first week of release. Past Headquarter Toyota marketing videos hovered around the 30,000-view mark.

The dealership’s vice president of marketing, Alexandra Esteve, said she decided to use a multipronged approach, combining the popularity of trap artists, who combine elements of the hip hop, dubstep, and dub genres, with the timing of Miami Music Week and Ultra, the weeklong marathon of music events in South Florida, knowing she could leverage the use of hashtags surrounding these events.

“I wanted to create a fun, yet effective campaign that I knew was highly shareable,” Alexandra said. “At Headquarter Automotive, we’re always trying to discover creative ways to reach my generation — a generation that is easily turned off by blatant marketing. This campaign successfully achieved that.”

Originally posted on F&I and Showroom