<p><strong>Park Place Dealership’s vice president of strategic growth, Hesham Elgahil, stands with a few of the vehicles available to members of the group’s new subscription service. </strong><em>Photo via Business Wire </em></p>

DALLAS — Dallas-based Park Place Dealerships, one of the largest luxury automobile groups in the country, launched a subscription service today offering consumers the opportunity to match a car to their lifestyle.

As the first dealership group in Texas to offer a subscription service, Park Place will offer Select subscribers three tiers featuring a collection of vehicles that aligns with their lifestyle and budget, according to Ken Schnitzer, the group’s chairman and CEO.

“Park Place Select will give subscribers the power to flip between the world’s finest automotive brands on demand,” Schnitzer said. “The service will transform the way drivers in Dallas/Fort Worth engage in the luxury automotive category. Subscription services have been emerging for entertainment, retail, and other industries and now is the perfect time for Park Place to introduce a subscription-based luxury automotive service.”

Park Place Select’s subscription service will offer vehicles across three tiers, Prime, Plus and Premium levels, featuring luxury vehicles from eight of the brands that Park Place currently represents. In addition to competitive pricing, Park Place Select offers unlimited “flips” (vehicle changes) for clients to fully experience the luxury vehicles in their chosen category. Included in the monthly subscription fee are a variety of brands in the selected category, insurance, maintenance, cleaning of the vehicle, roadside assistance, and a personal concierge to oversee all of the details, all according to the announcement.

Originally posted on F&I and Showroom