WATERBURY, Vt. — Wizely, a digital marketing company focused on the intersection of advertising, analytics, and product development, launched at last week’s CMO Digital Insight Summit in Sarasota, Fla.

The company was founded by automotive industry veteran and product innovator James Grace, whose previous successes include patenting time-shift radio (“TiVo”) in vehicles for Cadillac, developing the precursor to Apple’s “CarPlay” functionality for Chevrolet, and developing Dealer.com’s big-data based nGauge & Attribution analytics products.

“Someone once told me that wisdom is knowledge put into practice and Wizely is being founded on that principle,” said Grace. “It’s one thing to know about the latest trends, buzzwords, and technologies, but it’s another thing entirely to turn that knowledge into products and services that make an impact.”

Grace said Wizely will focus on two critical areas where businesses tend to struggle: strategic product planning and “people-based” digital marketing. Unlike traditional marketing approaches that target audience segments or device groups, people-based marketing techniques target actual people.

Wizely Consulting Services will help companies develop solid product roadmaps and integrate analytics and data into their product and go-to-market strategies. Wizely Digital Marketing Services will help clients use data and analytics to develop truly targeted marketing and advertising campaigns using people-based marketing techniques rather than “spray-and-pray” approaches, Grace added.

“For years I have been talking about the quality gap phenomenon where measures like impressions, visits, and spend increase substantially year-over-year while conversions, revenue and profit show much less dramatic increases. Wizely will help clients address this quality gap in their products, services and advertising.”

Originally posted on F&I and Showroom