LAFAYETTE, Colo. — KPA Services LLC has acquired California-based Auto Advisory Services Inc. (AAS). The acquisition closed on May 31, 2018.

This transaction strengthens KPA’s F&I offering through the addition of new premium services, including on-site service drive audits and advertising compliance reviews, as well as an F&I compliance hotline that is designed to assist auto dealers with common day-to-day compliance issues, according to company officials.

“KPA is innovative, proactive and highly experienced,” said Rob Cohen, chairman and sole shareholder of AAS. “These are qualities I have yet to see in other companies purporting to offer compliance solutions to dealers. Put simply, KPA has become the clear leader in dealership compliance.”

KPA specializes in environmental health and safety risk management solutions and closed-loop, on-site audit services designed to mitigate potential accidents and the costly ramifications of non-compliance with state and federal EHS regulations. In addition to EHS, KPA’s automotive solution covers operational workflow as well as regulatory risks associated with F&I and human capital management (HCM). The company focuses on mid-market companies in the automotive, manufacturing, distribution and logistics, and insurance industries.

Since 1975, AAS has provided California auto dealerships with highly specialized sales, finance, service drive, and advertising compliance products and services. The firm’s in-dealership expertise, legal analysis and practical approach to compliance are key differentiators for the company. The company’s personnel consists of trained attorneys and former state agency inspectors and investigators.

“AAS has been an outstanding provider of Sales and F&I services for more than 40 years, helping their clients reduce exposure to regulatory fines and litigation,” said KPA CEO Vane Clayton. “The addition of the AAS solutions to KPA means that the automotive market now has a single showroom to shop solution to solve all their operational, regulatory and compliance risks.”

Originally posted on F&I and Showroom