NAPLES, Fla. — F&I product indirect lender Line\5 announced a number of additions to its award-winning range of auto dealer services, including a no-fee first payment default guarantee option and new funding options.

Line\5 can fund many deals within 24 hours, but also offers a wide range of flexible funding options to help dealers with their scheduling, according to the company’s CEO, Justin Lane.

“These options are another example of Line\5 listening to what our partner dealers want. And we invite all dealers to contact us for details of how we can help them,” Lane said, noting that Line\5 will also offer electronic rating, contracting, signing, and re-signing, with menu integrations for each of the company’s products. “This means dealers will be able immediately to find the best plan and the current rate for their customers. Not only that, but the system will instantly generate the correct contract wording ready for signature. So agreements can be completed and signed online right away, on the lot or offsite, wherever works best for the dealer and the customer.”

Originally posted on F&I and Showroom