CHESTERFIELD, Mo. — F&I programs and services provider Protective Asset Protection announced new enhancements to its XtraRide RV service contract program. RV dealers in all states but Washington began selling the new program, which includes improved coverage, eligibility, rates, terms, and program collateral, on Nov. 1, according to a release.

Executives said the enhancements will help RV dealers gain additional trust and higher customer satisfaction levels from clients who wish to protect their new investment from expensive repairs and costly breakdowns.

“Today’s RVs are built with some of the most advanced and sophisticated parts and technology, and it is imperative to keep things in proper operating condition for recreational use,” said Bill Koster, vice president of specialty products and training. “With this is mind, Protective is proud to enable its dealers to offer enhancements to the RV XtraRide service contract program so that customers have peace of mind knowing their RV is protected against the costs of unexpected mechanical breakdowns.”

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