ATLANTA – The digital revolution is here and is responsible for nearly half of Manheim’s wholesale vehicle transactions. With more and more clients choosing digital channels for a more personalized experience and one-stop access to anytime and anywhere solutions, Manheim created the all-new—the ultimate digital gateway to a more connected world of automotive wholesale and remarketing.  

As more dealers adopt digital channels, we have the opportunity to reinvent the industry and foster more confident and efficient transactions for our clients.

“Reflecting on 75 years of serving clients this year, we’re excited about helping dealers meet the complex challenges of the digital transformation era,” said Grace Huang, president of Manheim. “The new experience combines the type of personalization, physical auction excitement and learning resources that clients are looking for so they can better compete.”   

With the most wholesale buyers, sellers and vehicle inventory, the new provides clients the industry’s most expansive and connected wholesale marketplace experience.  Manheim worked closely with clients throughout the process of building the new, and the efficiency of the new layout was driven by in-depth analysis of the most frequently used areas of the legacy site. For example, if buyers and sellers used a feature a lot—like MMR—Manheim brought it to the homepage, one click away.

The new now provides unmatched connectivity, offering solution-oriented features that will further enable buyers and sellers to do business the way they want to. With faster access to favorite tools, new standards for vehicle information across channels and an enhanced Simulcast experience, clients can transact more confidently and efficiently—whether at their desks or on the go.

One of the biggest time savers for buyers in the new is its personalization, which makes searching for inventory faster and smarter. New search enhancements drive velocity by reducing the time it takes to find inventory through recognizing a dealer’s transactional history and offering enhanced filtering capabilities. And best of all, the site’s new AI capabilities serve up smart vehicle recommendations based on clients’ one-of-a-kind search and purchase history. These features combine to make finding the right inventory a breeze, which is a good for buyers as it is for sellers looking to move inventory quickly.

For sellers, a completely reimagined Selling Center provides them with a snapshot of their overall inventory at-a-glance, enabling them to confidently track, optimize and execute their vehicle portfolio management strategy across channels. The all-new Selling Center introduces new data points and inventory groupings that allow sellers to quickly see inventory totals across channels, as well as specific inventory counts that highlight listings that may need attention or action. All of these enhancements are designed to help sellers save time and maximize profits.

“As more dealers adopt digital channels, we have the opportunity to reinvent the industry and foster more confident and efficient transactions for our clients,” said Zach Hallowell, vice president of Manheim Digital. “The new is a huge leap forward—setting a new standard in the wholesale industry—but we’re not stopping there. We will continue to enhance the experience and add new tools and solutions as we move forward.”

In addition to collecting feedback during development of the new, the company has been testing the site with an increasing number of buyers and sellers. Clients have shared that they appreciate how the personalization, vehicle recommendations and flexibility to move seamlessly across devices in particular help them wholesale faster and better.

Ultimately, the new experience is a one-stop destination, offering easy access to Manheim’s collection of best-in-class wholesale tools, products and services, complemented by an enhanced Learning Center designed to support every step of a dealer’s wholesale vehicle strategy. The Learning Center offers clients buying, selling and services tutorials that make it easier and faster to find information to enhance their digital experience, and additional training materials will be posted as Manheim continues to evolve its digital properties.

Clients who want to experience the next generation of auto wholesale first-hand will be able to access the new by clicking on a banner at the top of the current site in early February. Manheim will progressively roll out the new experience to clients throughout 2020, enabling users to switch between the previous and new sites for a period of time as they become familiar with the new experience.  

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