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Break Down the Old Dealership Mentality

Improved cross-departmental communications creates a more positive environment for customers as...

F&I pro urges dealers to let your competitors beat up, wear down, and abandon customers while you deliver a buying experience that drives loyalty with a focus on communication, accountability, and teamwork.

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How Can Geeks Be This Bad at Math?

Ziegler believes simple math is the solution to most manufacturers’ self-imposed problems.

Ziegler takes aim at subscription programs and wonders how corruption in Nissan’s management ranks — from unreported income to multimillion-dollar cash incentives — could stay hidden in plain sight for so long.


Deregulation and the Dealer

President Donald Trump officially abolished the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s...

Get up to speed with a five-minute review of the Trump administration’s efforts to make life easier for auto dealers and other business owners.

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Great Advice, Thanks, Guys

In the closing days of the government shutdown, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross suggested unpaid...

President Trump may not be universally regarded as a man of the people, but auto dealers and other business owners are inarguably benefiting from his administration’s economic policies.

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Leverage Your Factory’s Marketing Tools

Lexus used virtual reality, augmented reality, and other advanced digital marketing tools to...

Dealers seeking a harmonious online-to-instore experience should start by taking advantage of the advanced digital marketing tools, assets, and services your manufacturers are offering for free.