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Hot Coffee

Hot Coffee

Everyone wants power and freedom, yet no one wants accountability. We won’t ever change the consumer, but if we better understand their behavior, we can better prepare ourselves for some of the pitfalls of dealing with the general public.

May 19, 2020

4 Crazy-Easy Ways to Improve Employee Engagement
F&I Tip of the Week: Lease-Complementing F&I Protections

F&I Tip of the Week: Lease-Complementing F&I Protections

Most people are drawn to a lease because of the options they have at the end of the lease. But leasing does involve some obligations. F&I trainer John Tabar says it's those responsibilities that represent an opportunity for producers to increase product enrollment on lease deals.

March 30, 2020

3 Keys to Data-Driven Sales Training
How to Implement a Compliance Management System
UDS/BBDS Promotes John Tabar to VP of Training
Report: Dealers, Sales Must Take Responsibility for PVR
Top News of 2019

Top News of 2019

For dealers, F&I professionals, agents, and P&A executives, 2019 was a year to remember. Get caught up on 12 months’ worth of industry news with this review of our most-read stories, starting with a Carvana-size shakeup and continuing with big deals, big lawsuits, and big gains for the F&I segment.

December 18, 2019

Report: Inconsistent F&I Training Puts Dealerships at Risk
Experts Urge Dealers to Unite Sales and F&I

Experts Urge Dealers to Unite Sales and F&I

Learn how empowering sales to advocate for F&I promotes trust and transparency in the car buying process and maximizes the sale of protection products.

November 18, 2019

Generations Launches Google Analytics Certification for Dealers
Dealers Recognize the Industry’s Best in 2019 DCAs
Automotive Consulting Enterprises Debuts In-House Training Program
Mezen Adds Reddin to F&I Development Team
LAST CHANCE: Industry Summit and PALS Room Block Closes Tomorrow!