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Understanding Your Customer

Darin George - Your customers have already made the decision to look and possibly purchase a new vehicle when they enter your dealership...

August 22, 2006

Dealing With The Price Shopper

Darin George - Giving a customer our best price to shop around with can be done by the receptionist or a salesperson with a heart beat ...

August 22, 2006

Its all Psychology

Darin George - Never write down the first or second number the customer says because it will give them hope ...

August 22, 2006

Asking For The Sale

Darin George - Never forget how you felt when you bought your first car. The emotional intensity level of the customer is at its highest, and how we proceed will determine if we sell the vehicle ...

August 22, 2006

Customer Follow-Up

Darin George - There is an old saying; the easiest customer to sell to is one that you have already sold to. The sold customer follow-up is the single-most important aspect for long term success of a sales representative and the dealership they work for ...

August 22, 2006