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Flick Fusion App Allows Video Capture from Phone

Flick Fusion released upgraded versions of its mobile apps for iPhone and Android. New features include the ability to create inventory videos from the app, distribute videos to clients, and upload them online.

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Flick Fusion, ZMOT Partner to Produce Spanish Auto Inventory Videos

Flick Fusion is collaborating with ZMOT Auto, an automotive digital velocity firm, to produce vehicle inventory videos with voiceovers in a conversational style for Spanish-speaking car buyers.

Special Finance: When the Wheels Fall Off

Special finance guru weighs in to help troubleshoot your underperforming department.

Gubagoo Launches ‘Inventory Control’

The patent-pending technology aims to rev up engagement and conversion on dealership websites by feeding vehicle information directly into live chat features.

Crack the (QR) Codes

Reports of the demise of QR codes have been greatly exaggerated. Inventory expert explains how this simple technology can transform your customers’ retail experience.

Technology Has Transformed Dealerships

Author and dealership general manager Joseph Clementi reflects on the numerous ways in which technology has impacted all parts of the dealership.

Are Performance-Based Sales Events For You?

Tim Bailey - The buying atmosphere created at these events ... will increase the front and back grosses significantly

Planning To Avoid Wholesale Losses Keep 'Em Or Cut "Em?

Randy Barone - All too often, buyers get distracted by vehicles that they have a “gut feeling” will do well on your lot.

Let's Get Something Done

Thomas B. Hudson, Esq. - Pick up your buyers order and the retail installment sales agreements you use, and follow along...

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Eliminate Chaos In Accounting

Daivd Keller - However, it is necessary to follow essential procedures that are in the best interest of your dealership, so paperwork can be properly completed...