DealerSocket – Our thoughts are with you during these difficult times. As you may know, DealerSocket has built our reputation on a legacy of listening and partnering with our dealers. We recognize that all of us are in this fight together, and we are focused on helping you navigate through this crisis both economically and operationally. After countless discussions with our customers and hearing from you over the past week, we are announcing a significant reduction to your DealerSocket bill for April. 

DealerSocket billing reductions:

  • 50% off DealerSocket CRM
  • 50% off RevenueRadar, our data and equity mining tool (see note below)
  • 50% off CarWars
  • 50% off Inventory+
  • 50% off DealerFire websites and Precise Price digital retail (see note below)
  • 25% off IDMS for independent dealers
  • 25% off Auto/Mate DMS for franchise dealers. If you are currently not an Auto/Mate DMS customer, you can save significant dollars both in these trying times as well as into the future with switching to Auto/Mate DMS. We are putting together discounted bundled packages as well for you, which we will have for you soon in our website link below.

Your April bill will be automatically credited in the amounts represented above, so no action is required from you. Your credit statement will be separate from your April bill, as many April bills have already gone out. With that said, there are some basic qualifying terms listed below. 

As I’m sure you are also experiencing, things seem to change hour by hour. We will continue to assess the situation and talk with our customers, as we plan for things beyond April. We are trying to strike the right balance between being prepared for you when the market recovers and ensuring we can all weather this storm together. 

In addition, we are offering our customers several promotions to help you navigate this crisis. Our offers include promotions for:

  • Precise Price digital retailing
  • Inventory+ Absolute Sourcing and New Car functionality
  • Delivery Test Drive Scheduler
  • Digital Credit Application

Since we are adding promotions and various resources for dealers often, please view DealerSocket’s latest information for our dealers at the link below, and as always, please feel free to reach out to your Customer Success Manager with any questions or if we can help in any way:

Details regarding our COVID-19 relief package:

  • The fee reductions above represent discounts to the monthly subscription amounts by DealerSocket and not third-party products and fees such as DMS fees, books fees, and other transactional fees. Should the third-party providers lower or waive their fees, DealerSocket will pass the entire savings onto you.
  • The discounts above apply to customers that stay current with their DealerSocket account.
  • Note: OEM programs for websites, RevenueRadar, and digital retailing offerings will be subject to working through OEM partners.

Originally posted on F&I and Showroom

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