Small-town Boerne Toyota dealership emphasizes family atmosphere and customer-centric service to compete With big dealerships in the largest US markets. - IMAGE: Boerne Toyota

Small-town Boerne Toyota dealership emphasizes family atmosphere and customer-centric service to compete With big dealerships in the largest US markets.

IMAGE: Boerne Toyota

BOERNE, Texas —Vaughan Automotive announced that Vic Vaughan Toyota of Boerne (VVTOB) is a 2022 recipient of three of Toyota’s most prestigious Dealership Recognition Program awards — the Toyota President’s Cabinet Award, The Toyota President’s Award for CustomerFirst, and the Toyota Board of Governors Award. Additionally, the dealership was named a Toyota CustomerFirst Advisory Board Award recipient.

“We are exceedingly proud of our team at Vic Vaughan Toyota of Boerne for attaining this level of achievement,” said Vaughan Automotive Dealer Principal, Executive Manager and CEO Shawn Vaughan. “These awards represent the trifecta of Toyota dealership honors and Toyota parts and service recognition program. Very few dealers meet the high standards required to merit receiving one of the awards much less all four of them.”

“These awards are reflective of the excellence and dedication every member of our team brings to their work every day,” said VVTOB General Manager Chris Franklin. “To realize our small dealership — located in Boerne, Texas, a community of only about 21,000 residents — has achieved Toyota’s highest level of recognition, competing against the largest Toyota dealers in the nation in major US markets, is just incredibly rewarding.”

Franklin emphasized the personal, family atmosphere and customer-centric focus of Vic Vaughan Toyota of Boerne. Family owned and operated by the Vaughan family, the dealership’s mission is to develop and retain the industry’s finest people, sustain a highly motivating and satisfying work environment, and cultivate a customer-centric experience that produces long-lasting guest relationships. They focus on creating a unique experience for each customer that fits their needs, ensures they feel heard and supported, and creates positive interactions that can result in a lifetime relationship.

The key to accomplishing this mission, Franklin said, is treating every employee as a family member and investing in their individual success. The Vaughan family spares no expense in training team members, realizing that to be the best in the business, they must make sure every employee remains sharp, skilled and informed, evolving with technology and the industry. Vaughan leads the automotive industry in pay and benefits, including health, dental and vision coverage; a 401(k); and paid factory training. Employee retention is a major focus. Vaughan offers tremendous opportunities for career development and provides employees the tools they need to grow.

The 2022 Toyota Dealership Recognition Program awards Vic Vaughan Toyota of Boerne received are:

  • The Toyota President’s Cabinet Award, which is the most prestigious and exclusive award bestowed to Board of Governors members. Limited to only 12 dealerships nationwide, this elite award recognizes a combination of operational superiority, high-volume sales and outstanding customer loyalty.
  • The Toyota President’s Awards for CustomerFirst, which honors the Toyota Dealerships who excel in all facets of operations and go above and beyond at each customer touchpoint.
  • The Toyota Board of Governors Award, which recognizes a distinguished group of dealers who have achieved outstanding non-fleet vehicle sales performance, including meeting a rigorous set of standards.
  • The Toyota CustomerFirst Advisory Board Award, which recognizes the top 50 parts, service and customer satisfaction dealerships in the nation.

As president and CEO of Vaughan Automotive, Shawn Vaughan oversees the management team at Vaughan Management Group, which aids operations at both Vic Vaughan Toyota of Boerne and Mike Calvert Toyota in Houston. He recently became majority owner and dealer principal of VVTOB, a family legacy business owned by the Vaughan family since 2008.As owner and executive manager of Mike Calvert Toyota, Vaughan spends time between both stores and is heavily involved in their operations.

“To be the best in the business, you have to have the best people in the business on your team, and that means treating them as your most valuable asset,” said Franklin. “And you must treat your customers as family, too, giving them your undivided attention, listening to their concerns and taking them to heart, responding to their needs, and following through with unparalleled service after the sale. No business succeeds in a vacuum; we could not have achieved this recognition without the support of every employee and every customer, and we are immensely grateful to them all.”

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