F&I provider earns diamond, platinum and gold. - IMAGE: Auto Dealer Today

F&I provider earns diamond, platinum and gold.

IMAGE: Auto Dealer Today

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – CNA National has been named a top F&I provider for 18 consecutive years in the Dealers’ Choice Awards. For 2022, the company received three awards: a first-place Diamond award for “Vehicle Service Contracts,” a second-place Platinum award for “Reinsurance” and a third-place Gold award for “F&I Products.”

Dealers nationwide and their personnel have voted CNAN as the number-one provider every year since the competition began in 2005. That’s nearly half as long as the company has been in business, as it is marking its 40th anniversary this year. To date, the company has received a total of 34 recognitions, including 22 for first place, making it the most-awarded F&I organization by far. This is the second year CNAN has earned an award in the F&I Products category, due in large part because of the depth and breadth of its offerings. 

“We are humbled to once again be named the number-one VSC provider by dealerships,” said Joe Becker, president and CEO of CNA National. “The superior value of our products and programs is demonstrated by our history of consistently winning and sustaining our position as one of only a few organizations with multiple-category accolades.”

“The longevity and consistency you see with CNA National is rare in our industry,” said Jeff Weston, CNA National chief revenue officer. “Very few F&I providers can boast a legacy of 40 years, let alone a streak of first-place dealer-selected awards that runs for 18 years. It is a testament to our staying power, as well as our ability to meet and exceed the needs of our agents, dealers and contract holders. We have evolved with the industry in order to continually deliver exemplary products and services to our customers and will continue to do so for the next several decades.”

CNAN provides vehicle service contracts, limited warranties, tire-and-wheel protection, guaranteed asset protection (GAP) waivers and other products through franchised auto dealerships across the U.S. With more than four million contracts in force and having exceeded payment of $4 billion for claims across all product lines, the company has earned its reputation as a first-class F&I provider. 

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